We are an educational platform designed to help detailers build, grow and streamline profitable businesses. Does your business need help? If so, our team can help you take your business to the next level.

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Business Courses

Our innovative training courses provide answers many detailers have regarding operating a business. Ideal for new or established detailers, our platform offers a step by step guide on the key components of business operations.  We offer in person and virtual trainings covering topics including Business Foundations, Branding, Finance, Marketing and Sales




Join our network of business oriented Certified Detailpreneurs! Our focus is on the profitability portion of business, not just detailing. Our 4 part training covers Business Foundations, Finance, Branding/ Marketing and Sales.  Sign up today and take your business to new heights.



Our in person hands on training was developed to provide unbiased product answers for those needing help with how to detail, ceramic coat a vehicle, paint correction and installation of PPF.

Level 1 Building a Profitable Detail, Detailing

Level 2 Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating

Level 3 Paint Protection Film


Mentor Program

Regardless if you are a new or looking to grow your business, we work with you to help you overcome many of the business pain points. We can help build your business plan, create standard operating procedures, inventory management, marketing plans and much more!

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