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Our vision is simple, it's to educate detailers on the importance of having a solid business foundation, building a brand and understanding the importance of business financial literacy. Knowing how to detail a vehicle is one thing, building a profitable business is another. Our focus is on helping detailers build their brand, not other brands.

In addition to having the right detailing tools, your business needs to have the right business tools in place for you to be able to build, grow and streamline your business.

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We put detailers, their business and brand at the center of our certification training. After years of attending different detailing oriented certification, product and tools training, we realized the lack of business education these trainings offered. The "marketing" strategies that are being taught are designed to build the product and tool brand, not improve the detailers nor their business.


In order to make a difference, we must lead, not follow. Our innovative approach allows us to train, consult and mentor detailers all over the world via our virtual platform. The goal is not to sell detailers on products, its to inform them of the importance of having a solid business foundation.

The tools our training provides goes beyond detailing,  it can help you expand your portfolio by building other  brands and businesses.

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