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Our mentorship program is designed to aid Certified Detailpreneurs on how to implement the strategies taught in our certification course to help improve their business. We understand the importance of continued education, which is why we allocate one on one time with our clients, not have them watch videos. 

Regardless if you are a new or looking to grow your business, we work with you to help you overcome many of the business pain points. We can help build your business plan, create standard operating procedures, inventory management, marketing plans and much more!


Meet The Mentor


Director of Business Relations

Start Up Mentor  

6 Months

A business with no plan or foundation will always fail. Let our team guide you in building your business plan, registering your business, creating a standard operating procedure, inventory management, marketing plan, setting up payroll, branding and more.



Starting A New Business?

We Can Help Build Your Foundation


Need Help Growing Your Business?

We Offer A New Prospective

Business Growth Mentor

3-6 Months

In order to yield new results, you must be open to change. Our team offers innovative, cost effective ways on growing your business by creating a growth plan tailored for your business.




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